Biehl Cleaners

Dry Cleaning/Laundry                        

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Shirt Laundry
  • Alterations/Tailoring                                                          
  • Reweaving
  • Leather/Suede
Dry Cleaning:
Biehl Cleaners is a Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner. As professionals we are trained and experienced in caring for each of your garments. Our "Green Cleaning" process for your clothes and textiles uses an environmentally safe solvent that cleans and rejuvenates your wardrobe.

Shirt Laundry:
Your shirt or blouse is the most powerful part of your wardrobe. Biehl's Cleaners shirt laundry guarantees the whitest-whites and brightest colors with clean crisp collars and cuffs.Loose and missing buttons are replaced. We want your shirt to look its best: hanger or folded /starch or none.

Our tailors can take in,let out, shorten,lengthen,seam /patch a tear,fix zippers or replace them.Our experienced tailors know clothing and appreciate quality workmanship as much as you do.
Repair Pricing:
Hem Pants/Slacks 16.00
         Lined 20.00
         Cuffed 18.00
         Zippered 20.00& up       
Hem Skirts/Dresses 18.00& up
         Pleated 20.00 & up
        Lined(if alter) 22.00
Waist Taken In/t
Pants/Slacks 14.00 & up
Skirts 14.00 & up 
Shorten Sleeves 16.00 & up
Lg Slv to Sh Slv 16.00
Half pockets 15.00 & up
Full pockets 25.00 & up
Replace Zippers
Pants/Slacks 16.00
Dress 20.00
Skirt 16.00
Jacket 22.00 & up
Leather Jkt 50.00
Raincoat Lining 25.00
Sleeping Bag 40.00 & up
Snow Suit 25.00

Leather and Suede:
Leather and Suede garments should be professional cleaned once a year to restore them back to their natural look and feel.Our leather and suede specialist can do that by removing stains and adding colors and oils.Don't wait to bring them in for cleaning. You'll want them ready to wear when the time comes.

Holes and tears might be fashionable in your  favorite jeans but not in that treasured sweater or distinctive jacket. That burn hole or snag in those suit pants can be rewoven to make it look like it never happened. 

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