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WINDOW TREATMENT CLEANING:Draperies,pleated shades, blinds, valances, silhouettes and luminettes seem to get neglected over time. They need cleaning to revive color, style and decorator folds. Allergens,dust,pollens and germs can be trapped in the fabric and on surfaces. These environmental hazards are distributed through your home by air circulation.Clean window treatments means a fresh and healthy home. We can assure exact length and perfect hem lines. We offer  a take down and professional rehang service. Free estimates are available by calling 692-2375. On-site cleaning and drop off at 5 locations is also available.
Drapes-In-Store                                      Blinds      In Store         Pick-Up & Del     Shades   In Store        Pick-Up&Del
Flat&Pinch Pleat .50 per sq. ft.          Width                                                        Width
Spring Crest .60 per sq. ft.          4ft 12.00 14.00                4ft. 14.00 20.00
Snap-A-Pleat .60 per sq. ft.          5ft. 14.00 18.00                5ft. 16.00 23.00
Tie Backs 1.00 each               6ft 16.00               25.00                6ft. 18.00 27.00
Drapes Pick Up & Deliver                     7ft.            22.00              30.00  7ft. 24.00 35.00
Flat& Pinch Pleat  .70 per sq. ft.         8ft             30.00              35.00                 8ft. 29.00 45.00
Spring Crest  .80 per sq. ft.         9ft.            35.00              40.00          9ft. 38.00 55.00
Snap-A -Pleat           .80 per sq. ft.       10ft.            40.00              45.00                10ft. 45.00 65.00
Vertical Blinds                                     11ft..          45.00              55.00                11ft. 50.00               75.00
In- Store          2.00 per vein        12ft.            50.00             65.00                 12ft         55.00 85.00
Pick-Up & Del           2.75 per vein
Silhouettes               1.50-2.00 pre sq.ft.
Luminettes               5.00-6.00 per vein
STAGE CURTAINS: Stage Curtains can be cleaned either on-site or at our plant. Flame-Retarding service is available. These services will bring your institution into compliance with a Health and Safety  Inspection.

RUG CLEANING:Time and traffic take their toll on area rugs.  Biehl's Cleaners can bring out the color and vibrancy hidden deep within your fine  floor coverings. We will clean and refresh them with a professional touch.Our step by step process:
1. Pre-inspection: We check for stains, tears, holes fading and odor. 
2. Dry soil removal: A rug duster gently removes loose soil, allergens, dust mites, and grit.
3. Pre-spotting: To maximize stain removal and pre-treat fringes.
4. Cleaning and Rinsing: Depending on the fiber content, the rug will be throughly cleaned and rinsed with the appropriate solution. 
5. Drying: Controlled rapid  drying leaves your rug soft and full of luster.
6. Fabric Protector:All rugs are treated with a fabric protector to guard against future soil becoming embedded in the fibers. 
     Pricing: $1.00-$3.00 per sq. ft.
UPHOLSTERY: Environmental factors and everyday wear can make your favorite chair or sofa seem less appealing. Biehl's Cleaners can clean and fabric protect your fine fabric furniture. This service is available both on-site and in your home.
        Pricing: Couch $125.00
                     Chairs $50.00-$65.00
                     Dining Room Chairs $10-$15
BEDDING and SHEETS: Biehl's Cleaners specializes in the care and treatment of delicate fabrics. We have the special equipment to clean your comforters, covers,bed sheets and pillows . They will be returned to you soft and comfortable. We are also able to recover and add feathers to your bed pillows. 
Bedspread/Comforters/Duvets        Blankets                     
Twin 16.00               Twin 12.50                All Sheets 4.25 
Full  20.00                               Full 14.50      Pillow Cases 1.75
King 24.00                               Queen 18.50    Shams 2.25&up
Down 34.50                               King     20.50

TABLE LINENS:You will want your table cloths and napkins ready for family gatherings and holiday parties. Biehl's Cleaners can remove those wine and sauce stains to make your table look its best. We are also able to clean church isle runners and table skirts.    
Tablecloths Plain:             Tablecloths Cut Out:            Napkins 1.50
Reg 9.50                Reg 11.50            Placemats 2.00
Med       10.50                Med 12.50
Lg        12.50&up        Lg 14.50

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